The garden and surrounding countryside is alive with birds throughout the year. In spring finches, blackbirds, thrushes etc. are busy nesting around the house and are then followed by the swallows who return every summer particularly to the courtyard and out buildings. Also heard but rarely seen are woodpeckers and owls. Crossing the field at the front to the estuary you can find various seabirds and waders whilst overhead raptors can frequently be spotted.
Caerlaverock Wildfowl Trust is just across the river where many migratory birds gather whilst a few miles to the west RSPB Mersehead is worth a visit.


We have a resident colony of bats which changes its location every few years but can usually be relied upon to provide some evening interest in the courtyard. Bats are protected by law and so we cannot block any holes that they use which means that an odd one can appear in the house on occasion.


Roe deer are a common sight in the fields especially at dawn and dusk. Quite often they graze in the garden and will come very close to the house.


The rabbits are well established residents so be careful of their burrows when walking. The population varies quite a lot with foxes and weasels doing their best to keep the numbers down.


The scourge of Scotland! The courtyard has very few midges as the swallows and the bats do their best to eat every one. Generally Dumfries and Galloway does not suffer too badly however there are some localities where they can be quite bad.